Abrihome Cookie Usage Overview
This document serves as an addition to Abrihome Group's data protection declaration, offering insights into how Cookies and similar technologies are employed to manage data efficiently.

1. Abrihome Values Your Privacy
We prioritize safeguarding your personal and business information, ensuring all data you provide is handled securely in compliance with legal standards. Refer to Abrihome's Privacy Policy for in-depth details.

2. Getting in Touch
For information on data processing and privacy rights related to cookies, consult Abrihome's privacy policy.

3. Understanding Cookies
What exactly are cookies?
Cookies are small data snippets stored on your device upon visiting a website, facilitating smoother site functionality and information sharing with site operators.

4. Functionality of Cookies
Cookies store and retrieve browser information, enhancing your site navigation by remembering preferences and settings, thus avoiding repetitive setups during subsequent visits.

5. The Aim of This Cookie Policy
This policy clarifies the usage and purpose of cookies to enhance your online experience, aligning with our commitment to privacy protection.

6. Legal Grounds for Cookie Use
The deployment of essential cookies is part of our effort to ensure a secure, efficient, and user-friendly website. Non-essential cookies are utilized only with your consent. Disagreeing with our cookie policy may require adjusting browser settings or discontinuing site use, potentially impacting your experience.

7. How We Handle Personal Data
For specifics on the type of personal data collected during web browsing and its usage, please see the Abrihome Privacy Policy.

8. The Rationale Behind Cookies
Cookies enable us to differentiate users and facilitate efficient navigation, tailoring our web services to meet individual preferences and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

9. Cookie Categories
Cookies may be set by Abrihome or third-party providers, with some remaining only during the browser session and others persisting longer on your device.

10. Managing Cookie Preferences in Your Browser
You have the option to modify cookie preferences in your browser, including restricting or blocking cookies, which may affect access to certain website functionalities.

11. Social Media Plugins Usage
We occasionally incorporate social media features to enable content sharing and interaction with our pages on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

12. Updates to the Cookie Policy
This Cookie Policy is subject to modifications. Any changes will be highlighted, and users will be notified of the updates.