1. If the product exhibits quality issues within the warranty period (excluding damage caused by human actions, and provided the product has not been disassembled or modified), we will replace the product or send replacement parts free of charge.

2. Warranty Coverage: Except for fragile items and glass products, cushions, backrests, consumables, all other products are covered under warranty. If the product you purchased is damaged upon delivery, we will send you a new product free of charge.

3. International Warranty Standard: Term: 12-24 months.

✦ Furniture Products: Our products come with a 7-year quality guarantee, meaning our furniture can last up to 7 years under normal usage conditions. However, due to various practical usage factors, we provide a warranty period of 12-24 months for our products. During this warranty period, any quality issues with the products you purchase can be replaced free of charge. Please refer to the product page for specific warranty durations.

✦Electric Bicycle Products: Our electric bicycles come with a 15-month warranty. During this period, if you encounter any quality issues, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you in resolving any problems you encounter, including technical guidance and free replacement parts.

4. General Exclusions – The warranty does not cover the following:

    - Damage caused by accidents or collisions.
    - Unauthorized modifications or repairs.
    - Damage due to deliberate misuse.
    - Damage from rough handling.
    - Normal wear and tear, such as scratches, dents, or other damage occurring during regular use.
    - Exclusions related to natural factors.

5. If any issues arise, please contact us. We will consult with you to find a satisfactory solution. We also ask for your sincere cooperation and proactive compliance with our requirements. You will need to provide Abrihome with photos, videos, or any other form of evidence to assess the warranty claim. Unless you cooperate as mentioned above, we cannot verify if the damage was due to a quality issue, nor can we offer a replacement service. Once we verify the claim, we will immediately propose a solution and expedite the shipping of a new product to you.