The latest 2024 electric bicycle for adults, 1500W motor, 29 Ah LG battery- Abrihome A6PRO-S

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  1. This electric cargo bike is perfect for commuting and transporting goods. It's powered by a robust 1500W motor with a 29 ampere-hour capacity, achieving up to 150 miles on a single charge. The bike features a heavy-duty rear rack that can hold 480 pounds, measuring 21 by 6.75 inches with dual 11-inch slots for standard child seats, and a clear guard to prevent children's feet from wheel entanglement. Equipped with a solid one-piece rear rack, 180mm Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and reflective striped tires, it reaches speeds up to 28 mph and has adjustable seats and handlebars for a comfortable ride.
  2. The bike boasts powerful lighting, including brake lights, headlights, and turn signals, operated via the control panel on the handlebars, alongside separate controls for the horn and light.
  3. Handlebars adjust vertically and horizontally, with ergonomic grips for a tailored fit to your riding style, ensuring comfort on extended trips.
  4. With five electronic assist levels and an M5 display, it shows energy levels, speed, pedal assist, mileage, trip data, and odometer readings.
  5. Modes include Cruise Control for consistent speed, Assist Mode for easy maneuvering, Sport Mode for rapid acceleration, Pedal Assist Mode for effortless cycling, and Pure Electric Mode for motor-driven travel.
  6. The robust rear rack supports substantial weight and integrates slots for child seats, complete with a safety shield for foot protection.
  7. Hydraulic Brake 180mm. Adjustable suspension allows for up to 100mm of softness or hardness adjustment, catering to various terrains, while the Tectro calipers and 180mm disc rotors provide reliable stopping power and a hinge for folding.


A -- Total Length 69″ B -- Wheelbase 49″
C -- Mix Handlebar Height 41 ″ D -- Max Handlebar Height 44″
E -- Minimum Seat Height 28″   F -- Maximum Seat Height 37″
G -- Chain Stay Lengtha 26″ H -- Stand Height 22″
I -- Top Tube Length 22″     J -- Head Tube Length 9″
K -- Handlebar Length 26″     L -- Wheel Diameter 21″
M -- Minimum Seat to Floor 32″ N -- MAX Seat to Floor 41″



  • Product certification: CE
  • Pure electric mode: 60-140 miles
  • Power/Pedal assisted mode range: 70-150 miles
  • Speed: Max Speed 28 mph
  • Incline: 17%-38% Gradient
  • Bike weight: 90 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 480 lbs
  • Rider height: 4'11" ~ 6'50"
  • Fast charge time: 3-5 hrs
  • Light: Front and rear lights, brake light, Turn Signal light
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Tire size: 20'' x 3'' puncture-resistant fat tires
  • Horn: mechanical horn
  • Display: Backlit LCD with heads-up display, 5-level pedal assist
  • Brake style: Disc*2, 180mm aluminum alloy disc brakes
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Warranty description: 12 months
  • Suggested Users: ‎Unisex-adult
  • Derailleur: 7-speed Shimano
  • Fork: Hydraulic suspension alloy fork with lockout
  • Frame: 20" Foldable Step-thru Aluminium Alloy Cargo Frame Internal



  • Unique hydraulic suspension alloy fork with lockout
  • Drive: Brushless Rear Motor
  • Battery: Removable 48V 29Ah LG lithium battery
  • Motor: 1500W (85Nm of torque)
  • Drivetrain: Electric Motor Drive
  • Brakes: Regenerative (Restore 5% of battery)



  • 1* ELECTRIC BIKE, 1*User Manual, 1* Headlight, 2* Fenders, 1* Charger, 1* Seat, 2* Pedals, 1* Keys, 2* Battery




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Drive Unit

✦ The enhanced drive unit takes the e-bike experience to the next level, featuring a motor with sophisticated sensors for precise cadence adjustment. It kicks in full power at 70 rpm and sustains it past 100 rpm, providing a robust 85 Nm torque for easy uphill rides. Remarkably quiet, this drive unit lets you enjoy peaceful surroundings. Constructed with heat-dissipating magnesium and an optimized housing, it maintains peak torque without overheating, even on prolonged ascents.

Maximize your journey with our powerful battery options.

✦ Experience both range and power with our LG lithium-ion 10C battery, priced on par with the high-quality Samsung 40T. Our battery excels in offering both high capacity and high current intensity, ensuring robust torque for superior performance in acceleration and handling, particularly for heavier riders and Varun e-bikes.

✦ Our battery stands out by maintaining performance with less voltage drop below 50% charge, providing users with sustained high performance and longer lifespan compared to other market options.

✦ The 29Ah removable battery, featuring premium cells, supports speeds up to 28 mph in full electric mode and extends to 60-140 miles miles in pedal-assist mode, ideal for daily commutes.

Unique hydraulic suspension alloy fork with lockout

✦ Equipped with a robust hydraulic suspension front fork, our Electric Bike offers superior shock absorption for a smooth ride across different terrains. Its advanced suspension system guarantees comfort and stability, enabling riders to navigate various surfaces with ease.

✦ The A6PRO-S features premium front and rear disc brakes, ensuring dependable stopping power under any weather conditions. These brakes deliver potent and responsive stopping capabilities, essential for quick halts. With adjustable settings, riders can tailor the brake sensitivity to match their riding style and comfort preferences.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ivan Osadchuk
✅ Verified Purchase

This bike is solidly built and those shocks make a huge difference. The ride is super smooth, and it handles great. Plus, it looks really cool. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with it. The price is right too, and assembly was a breeze since most of it was already done. I made sure to check all the bolts for tightness, and they were all good.

It's not going to snap your neck with its speed, but with the half charge the battery came with, it still got up to 25mph pretty quickly. I'm really pleased with it. The shipping was super fast too – it arrived three days early! Definitely worth the money!

Russell Ricks
✅ Verified Purchase

The package showed up in perfect shape, totally loaded with zip ties and foam – they really went to town on the packaging! Assembling the bike was a breeze for the most part, though getting the seat right was kinda tricky. I gotta say, I'm blown away by the 750 Watt motor – it zips up to 25-28mph super fast on the top setting. It’s got plenty of juice for me. The gears and shocks are solid, making the ride super comfy. I'm cool with the pedal assist, but I usually just roll with the throttle. Was a little worried the frame might be too small for me 'cause I'm 6 feet, but it’s all good. My wife’s 5'7" and she’s comfy on it too. Might just have to snag one for her as well. The extras like the lights, horn, bell, fenders, tool kit, and kickstand are all sweet bonuses. I mean, why drop thousands on an e-bike when this one ticks all the boxes and doesn’t break the bank?

Jason R. King
✅ Verified Purchase

This bike is absolutely amazing! Here's the scoop:

1. It arrived right on schedule and setting it up was a breeze—only took about half an hour.

2. Riding it is a dream. It’s super smooth and the big tires really help. The pedal assist is a snap to use and really smooth. It has five assist levels so you can pick how hard you want to work. We hardly use the full throttle, but it's great for that quick zip when you need it.

3. As for the battery, it's holding up great so far. Charges up quickly and the charge lasts. We’ve taken it out about 5 times, even did a 42-mile trip with two kids in a trailer, and the battery wasn't even close to empty.

4. The headlight and horn are more moped vibes than mountain bike, but no complaints.

The only small gripe? The crossbar is kinda high if you’re 5'5", but no problem if you're over 6 feet.

Overall, we’re thrilled with this bike. Totally satisfied with our buy. Solid 5 out of 5 stars!

John Harris
✅ Verified Purchase

I recently snagged the Abrihome Electric Bike, and honestly, I couldn't be happier with my choice. This e-bike has totally blown away my expectations and it's now my favorite way to get around.

The 750W motor is a beast—it gives me a powerful and smooth ride, making hills and long distances a breeze. Plus, the battery life is killer. I can do my daily commute and still have juice left without constantly needing to recharge.

The M2PRO isn’t just about power; it’s super comfy too. With adjustable seats and handlebars, I can tweak it to fit just right, making every ride a pleasure. The suspension is on point, soaking up bumps and making even the roughest roads feel smooth.

It’s also got a slick, modern look that definitely turns heads. The LED lights front and back keep me visible and safe when I’m riding at night, and the built-in LCD display is super easy to read, showing speed, distance, and how much battery I've got left. It’s built solid with a durable frame and high-quality parts that promise to last. It’s also packed with handy features like a rear rack that’s perfect for hauling groceries or whatever else I need.

All in all, if you’re on the hunt for a reliable, powerful, and comfy e-bike, the M2PRO Electric Bike is a fantastic choice. It’s completely changed my daily commute for the better, and I can’t see myself going back to a regular bike. Give the Abrihome a shot—you won’t regret it!

Sam Laird
✅ Verified Purchase

This bike is a blast to ride. The low throttle gives you about 9-12 mph, mid throttle gets you 16-20 mph, and high throttle pushes you up to 28 mph. I managed to climb a pretty steep hill using high gear while both throttling and pedaling at the start. About two-thirds of the way up, the motor couldn’t keep up, so I relied mostly on leg power for the rest, but I was impressed with its performance. Generally, I keep it in higher gears and use minimal pedal assist, doing most of the work myself. But it's nice to have that extra boost when I want it.

There were some assembly issues, but the bike is sturdy otherwise. The battery life is great, the manual was easy to follow, and it shipped quickly. I thought the value was good compared to other e-bikes. Overall, I’m happy with it.

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